Moved Posts

So after a bit of a drinking session with some lads I’m working with and lots of teasing of a fellow tester attempting to get him to buy a (rather cool in my opinion) domain name, i’ve just gone and got this blog its own proper home on the web.

No longer using my personal domain from yonks ago, it now is officially:

So there you go! Update your bookmarks (all 1 of you :)). I’ll try and get a cname redirect set up on the old address for the time being but yeah this blog finally has a proper home on the web.

For those who didn’t know I maintain a twitter feed @scriptmonkey_ its nothing fantastic and I rarely post anything up there that isn’t here but its another way to get hold of me if you have any questions about my blog content.

Look out for more frequent postings too, have a few research projects in the pipeline that are about to all come to fruition providing I can get enough time to get a move on.

P.S. I use 123-reg for my registrar and they appear to have an awesome deal on for .eu domains right now (hence my purchase). 1 year for 99 pence. Might be worth checking out if you’re interested in having your own “identity” on the web.