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Nessus 5.0 on Backtrack 5r2 Continued…

So you’ve followed the instructions in my previous post alright and gone to browse to http://localhost:8843, have already pre-empted the no-script nags by allowing all scripts from localhost (or whatever your paranoia level allows you to do) and still can’t get past that annoying “Nessus requires flash player 10.2 or later” message.

Don’t fear and don’t bother following any other horrible tutorial that involves shoving an old piece of flash software on your system. It’s time to go for the bleeding edge.

Within a terminal type:

wget xvzf install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gzmkdir ~/.mozilla/pluginsmv ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Then just delete everything else that got extracted.

Yes it’s the 32bit flash – but it works.

Yes I know, it’s not the 64bit flash… but it still works on the x64 install of BT5R2 and does the job for accessing nessus.

Now you can browse to http://localhost:8834, create your user, ignore the bit about “enter your feed” details if it comes up (close the browser and re-open it) and voila… nessus 5.0 on bt5r2.